You play the guitar with your hands.

You could probably build a machine that could play your guitar for you, but it won’t have the feeling of a good pair of trained hands. It won’t have the ears to hear what lick or phrase is going to sound increadible. It won’t have the dynamics needed to express the feelings the music gives it. Heck, it won’t even have feelings. Even if it can play a hundred times faster than you can, it still can’t recreat the wonderfull machinery of the human beeing.

When building musical equipment, it’s much the same. Sure, you can buy a robot to do the job. It will be painstakingly accurate, and delivver the same product time after time. It will be cost efficient, and can do the job a hundred times faster than any human beeing. This is not what we want at Syndromet FX.

We want our products to be uniqe. We want to make pickups where the wire is tensioned by hand, so that there is differences from pickup to pickup. We want pedals that is put together, painted and tested by a human beeing, to be sure that it’s the absoloute best product you can get. We want to make products that we think sound so good we really don’t want to sell them. This is not done with machines. This is done by hand, by people who love crafting the gear and who is as passionate about tone as you are.

This is what we do at Syndromet FX


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