Syndromet FX also sells capacitors, though we do not make these ourselves. The capacitors is vintage Russian paper-in-oil capacitors which have been tested, rebranded and resealed to ensure they won’t break down.. All capacitors come with a certificate stating the measured capacitance. The capacitors are called Tone-Candy, simply because they look so delicious.


Tone-Candy capacitors
Value Description
.012 µF Great for brightening a muffled and dark neck humbucker
.022 µF Standard Les Paul value. Great for both neck and bridge humbuckers. Also good if you want less treble roll off in a single coil guitar.
.047 µF The standard fender value. Good for single coils.
.068 µF Perfect if you want your single coils to have a darker tone with the tone pot on zero.
.1 µF Standard capacitor value in vintage Fenders. Very dark with the tone pot on zero

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