All Syndromet FX pickups are made with the best components available. All pickups are scatter wound by hand, for the ultimate tone. The pickups are made with top notch de-gaussed Alnico 2 and 5 magnets and the highest quality magnet wire. Pickups using alnico 2, 3 and 4 can also be made as a custom order. The pickups come potted with a mix of paraffin and bee-wax, but can be delivered unpotted if wanted.

As stock, single coil pickups are delivered with non-staggered magnets, but staggered versions can be made to special orders. Tele pickups come with staggered bridge pickup and non-staggered neck. RWRP middle pickup is stock, but can be changed to regular winding and polarity if wanted. The single coils and telecaster pickups feature vintage style push-back cloth isolated hookup wire.

We call our single coil-series “Grande Champagne”, and they are available in three models:

XO The mid 50’s sound. Warm and wonderful, with great highs, pronounced mids and tight bass.
VSOP Vintage tone with OMPH! Wired slightly hotter than our XO- set, these pickups gives that extra punch to push your amp that little extra
VS The most modern of the three, with vintage voiced middle and neck, and a hotter bridge for the sound of a Texan pub-brawl!

The telecaster series is called “Bourbon” and only exist in one variety:

Kentucky black label Sweet vintage-sounding bridge, modeled after a 1954 esquire pickup. The neck is made with 42 awg wire, and more strat-like than your regular tele neck pickup.

The humbuckers are produced using vintage spec bobbins, vintage correct screw and slug material andbraided single conductor wire. We use the correct size magnets, and nickel silver baseplates just like the old good ones. When ordering humbuckers, you can choose between double black, double white, zebra or reverse zebra bobbins. You also have the choice between gold, chrome or nickel covers, should you want cover on your pickups. Our humbuckers series is names Stout, and at the moment only consist of one model:

Imperial Underwound PAF’s. Very articulate and clear, with crystal clear highs, strong mids and tight bass. Perfect for old school hard rock.

At the moment, all our pickups are made to order, and have a lead time of 6 weeks from order date.



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